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Docandu has simplified the way that patients interact with doctors and store their medical record.


What makes docandu special?


What makes docandu special?

Health Reports Archiving

Receive & store automatically your health reports just by giving your docandu email to your doctor, hospital or diagnostic centre. Piece of cake. Easy as this.

Online Medical Records

No more hassle looking for your previous exams & remembering any past condition, medication or symptom. All your medical records stored securely in one place.

AI-powered Symptom Checker

No more panicking on searching online for your symptoms. Docandu uses Artificial Intelligence technology to understand your symptoms and give you correct advice and guidance for your next steps.

Health Tribe

Connect and share your medical records with family, friends or doctors. Control the level of information they can see.

Medical ID Card

Print a medical ID card that links to your unique docandu account to carry with you in a case of an emergency.


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